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The MiQo account : the essentials without the fees*

Discover the bank account with no opening fees and enjoy a virtual VISA card. Do all your financial transactions with your MiQo card and access a wide range of benefits...MiQo accounts are not subject to any income requirements.

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Manage your account more easily on a daily basis

The bank account that puts you back in control of your money with multiple intuitive features

Bank credits

Borrow money according to your needs and in just a few seconds

History of activities

Control and consult your expenses and savings at any time

Payment for services

Pay your bills (electricity, water, taxes), top up communication credit and much more

Money transfer

Transfer money to your family, friends, colleagues who are MiQo users while being at home or wherever you want

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The bank in real time

Real-time push notifications alert you to everything that happens on your account : payment, incoming or outgoing transfer, flexible savings, direct debit...MiQo sends you a notification for each transaction: no more nastry surprises

Automatic categorisation of your expenses

How can you better manage your expenses and your budget ? By having an overview of how you use your money. MiQo automatically categorises your expenses. You can also personalise this trackings by adding hashtags to your transactions.

Spend freely with your MiQo VISA card virtual

In addition to physical cards, virtual MiQo VISA cards unlock ways to pay for what you want, directly from your MiQo account.

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Your Savings are more easier, modern and flexible

Discover Savest, the feature that allows you to create up to 10 custom sub-accounts to organise your budget and save moeny for your projects. It's up to you you customise them ! Use the rules to move money automatically to your savings accounts.

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You thought about financial inclusion, we do it for you !

We offer a set of quality financial services contained in a physical and virtual VISA card linked to a mobile application ! with MiQo, access to all financial services is now everyone's business.

Accessibility and speed

Forget about waiting in line and access our agents and service points with complete peace of mind

Instant nanoloans

Credit is part of our DNA, we offer express solutions (in 20 seconds) to meet the most urgent needs

Offers and promotions at our merchants

Make purchases from our merchants with ease and benefit from discounts on promotional products

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Safety is our priority
3D Secure technology

MiQo uses 3D secure technology to secure your online payments. When necessary, you will need to validate your transactions from the phone associated with your account

Control of your account

With mobile banking, you are in control of all your account settings. You can lock/unlock your card, activate/deactivate payments online or abroad and manage your limits or change your PIN code in real time


MMiQo is a regulated financial product marketed by the second category microfinance company ALCOFUND SA, which holds a banking license and is supervised by the banking regulatory authority, COBAC.

We are certified

We work with trusted partners. MiQo deploys high-level security standards to protect your money. You benefit from military-grade and bank-grade security that is ISO and PCI DSS compliant.

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